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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Configure OS awareness for a symbol file.


osa -file <file-name> [options]

Configure OS awareness for the symbol file <file-name> specified. If no symbol file is specified and only one symbol file exists in target's memory map, that symbol file is used. If no symbol file is specified and multiple symbol files exist in target's memory map, an error is thrown.


Option Description
-disable Disable OS awareness for a symbol file. If this option is not specified, OS awareness is enabled.
-fast-exec Enable fast process start. New processes will not be tracked for debug and are not visible in the debug targets view.
-fast-step Enable fast stepping. Only the current process will be re-synced after stepping. All other processes will not be resynced when this flag is turned on.


  • The <fast-exec> and <fast-step> options are not valid with disable option.


Nothing, if the OSA is configured successfully. Error, if ambiguous options are specified.


osa -file <symbol-file> -fast-step -fast-exec

Enable OSA for <symbol-file> and turn on fast-exec and fast-step modes.

osa -disable -file <symbol-file>

Disable OSA for <symbol-file>.