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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Modify memory map.


memmap <options>

Add/remove a memory map entry for the active target.


Option Description
-addr <memory-address> Address of the memory region that should be added/removed from the target's memory map.
-alignment <bytes> Force alignment during memory accesses for a memory region. If alignment is not specified, default alignment is chosen during memory accesses.
-size <memory-size> Size of the memory region.
-flags <protection-flags> Protection flags for the memory region. <protection-flags> can be a bitwise OR of the values below: 0x1 = Read access is allowed. 0x2 = Write access is allowed. 0x4 = Instruction fetch access is allowed. Default value of <protection-flags> is 0x3 (Read/Write Access).
-list List the memory regions added to the active target's memory map.
-clear Specify whether the memory region should be removed from the target's memory map.
-relocate-section-map <addr> Relocate the address map of the program sections to <addr>. This option should be used when the code is self-relocating, so that the debugger can find the debug symbol info for the code. <addr> is the relative address, to which all the program sections are relocated.
-osa Enable OS awareness for the symbol file. Fast process start and fast stepping options are turned off by default. These options can be enabled using the <osa> command. See "help osa" for more details.
-properties <dict> Specify advanced memory map properties.
-meta-data <dict> Specify meta-data of advanced memory map properties.


  • Only the memory regions previously added through the memmap command can be removed.


Nothing, while setting the memory map. A list of memory maps when the -list option is used.


memmap -addr 0xfc000000 -size 0x1000 -flags 3

Add the memory region 0xfc000000 - 0xfc000fff to the target's memory map. Read/Write accesses are allowed to this region.

memmap -addr 0xfc000000 -clear

Remove the previously added memory region at 0xfc000000 from the target's memory map.