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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Configure and run the MB profiler.


mbprofile [options]

Configure and run the MB profiler, a non-intrusive profiler for profiling the application running on MicroBlaze. The output file is generated in gmon.out format. The results can be viewed using the gprof editor. In case of cycle count, an annotated disassembly file is also generated clearly marking the time taken for execution of instructions.


Option Description
-low <addr> Low address of the profiling address range.
-high <addr> High address of the profiling address range.
-freq <value> MicroBlaze clock frequency in Hz. Default is 100 MHz.
-count-instr Count number of executed instructions. By default, the number of clock cycles of executed instructions are counted.
-cumulate Cumulative profiling. Profiling without clearing the profiling buffers.
-start Enable and start profiling.
-stop Disable/stop profiling.
-out <filename> Output profiling data to file. <filename> Name of the output file for writing the profiling data. If the file name is not specified, profiling data is written to gmon.out.


Depends on options used. -low, -high, -freq, -count-instr, -start, -cumulate Returns nothing on successful configuration. Error string, in case of error.

-stop: Returns nothing, and generates a file. Error string, in case of error.


mbprofile -low 0x0 -high 0x3FFF

Configure the mb-profiler with address range 0x0 to 0x3FFF for profiling to count the clock cycles of executed instructions.

mbprofile -start

Enable and start profiling.

mbprofile -stop -out testgmon.out

Output the profile data in testgmon.out.

mbprofile -count-instr

Configure the mb-profiler to profile for entire program address range to count the number of instructions executed.