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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Import sources to an application project.


importsources [OPTIONS]

Import sources from a path to application project in workspace.


Option Description
-name <project-name> Application Project to which the sources should be imported.
-path <source-path> Path from which the source files should be imported. If <source-path> is a file, it is imported to application project. If <source-path> is a directory, all the files/sub-directories from the <source-path> are imported to application project. All existing source files will be overwritten in the application, and new files will be copied. Linker script will not be copied to the application directory, unless -linker-script option is used.
-soft-link Links the sources from source-path and does not copy the source.
-target-path <dir-path> Directory to which the sources have to be linked or copied. If target-path option is not used, source files will be linked or copied to "src" directory.
-linker-script Copies the linker script as well.


Nothing, if the project sources are imported successfully. Error string, if invalid options are used or if the project sources cannot be read/imported.


importsources -name hello1 -path /tmp/wrk/wksp2/hello2

Import the 'hello2' project sources to 'hello1' application project without the linker script.

importsources -name hello1 -path /tmp/wrk/wksp2/hello2 -linker-script

Import the 'hello2' project sources to 'hello1' application project along with the linker script.

importsources -name hello1 -path /tmp/wrk/wksp2/hello_app -soft-link

Create a soft-link to hello1 application project from hello_app application project.