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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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id = <id>


This attribute specifies the following IDs based on the place it is defined:

  • pdi ID - within the outermost/PDI parenthesis
  • image ID - within the image parenthesis
  • partition ID - within the partition parenthesis

Image IDs are fixed for a given image. Refer to the following table for the image IDs defined by AMD for Versal adaptive SoCs.

Table 1. Image IDs (Fixed for a Given Partition)
Partition Subsystem/Domain Image ID Value Description
PMC Subsystem 0x1C000001 PMC subsystem ID
PLD Domain 0x18700000 PLD0 Device ID (because PLD0 represents the entire PLD domain)
LPD Domain 0x04210002 LPD Power Node ID
FPD Domain 0x0420C003 FPD Power Node ID
Default Subsystem Subsystem 0x1C000000 Default Subsystem ID
CPD Domain 0x04218007 CPM Power Node ID
AIE Domain 0x0421C005 AIE Power Node ID
Note: For AI Engine partitions and PS partitions, such as A72 and R5 ELF, use the default subsystem ID.
Note: Partition IDs are used for identifying a partition and are not used by PLM processing. The Partition IDs can be changed by the user according to their own numbering scheme. The PDI IDs and image IDs should not be changed.


	id_code = 0x04ca8093
	extended_id_code = 0x01
	id = 0x2						// PDI ID
		name = pmc_subsys,
		id = 0x1c000001				// Image ID			
			id = 0x01, 				// Partition ID
			type = bootloader, 
			file = plm.elf 
			id = 0x09, 
			type = pmcdata, 
			load = 0xf2000000, 
			file = pmc_data.cdo