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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Download ELF and binary file to target.


dow [options] <file>

Download ELF file <file> to active target.

dow -data <file> <addr>

Download binary file <file> to active target address specified by <addr>.


Option Description
-clear Clear uninitialized data (bss).
-skip-tcm-clear When the R5 elfs are part of the PDI and use TCM, PLM initializes TCM before loading the elfs. Debugger does the same when the elfs are loaded through debugger, so that TCM banks are initialized properly. Use this option to skip initializing the TCM.
-keepsym Keep previously downloaded ELFs in the list of symbol files. Default behavior is to clear the old symbol files while downloading an ELF.
-force Overwrite access protection. By default, accesses to reserved and invalid address ranges are blocked.
-bypass-cache-sync Do not flush/invalidate CPU caches during ELF download. Without this option, the debugger flushes/invalidates caches to make sure caches are in sync.
-relocate-section-map <addr> Relocate the address map of the program sections to <addr>. This option should be used when the code is self-relocating, so that the debugger can find debug symbol information for the code. <addr> is the relative address, to which all the program sections are relocated.
-vaddr Use <vaddr> from the ELF program headers while downloading the ELF. This option is valid only for ELF files.