Vitis Unified IDE Launch Options - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Launch Options

The Vitis Unified IDE supports the following modes:

GUI Mode
By default, Vitis Unified IDE launches in GUI mode with a graphical interface. Optionally, you can use the argument -w to specify the workspace to open.
vitis -w <workspace>
Analysis Mode
Analysis mode launches the tool directly into the Analysis View (Vitis Analyzer) letting you review the summary reports generated during the build, run, and debug processes.
vitis -a
Interactive Mode
Interactive mode lets you enter commands through the interactive Python shell, outside of the GUI, as described in Vitis Interactive Python Shell.
vitis -i
Note: Type help() from the interactive command prompt to explore the available command modules.
Batch Mode
Batch mode executes the specified Python script and exits.
vitis -s <script>.py
Jupyter Notebook Mode
Launches Jupyter Notebook server with the Vitis environment and the front end UI in your default web browser.
vitis -j
You can use vitis_server command line interface in this environment as described in Vitis Interactive Python Shell.

You can use -h to print the supported options of vitis.

vitis -h

Syntax: vitis [--classic | -a | -w | -i | -s | -h | -v]

   Launches New Vitis IDE (default option).
         Launch classic Vitis IDE.
  -a/--analyze [<summary file | folder | waveform file: *.[wdb|wcfg]>]
         Open the summary file in the Analysis view.
         Opening a folder opens the summary files found in the folder.
         Open the waveform file in a waveform view tab.
         If no file or folder is specified, opens the Analysis view.
  -w/--workspace <workspace_location>
         Launches Vitis IDE with the given workspace location.
         Launches Vitis python interactive shell.
  -s/--source <python_script>
         Runs the given python script.
         Launches Vitis Jupyter Web UI.
         Display help message.
         Display Vitis version.