Versal Adaptive SoC Image Header - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

The image header is an array of structures containing information related to each image, such as an ELF file, CFrame, NPI, CDOs, data files, and so forth. Each image can have multiple partitions, for example, an ELF can have multiple loadable sections, each of which form a partition in the boot image. An image header points to the partitions (partition headers) that are associated with this image. Multiple partition files can be grouped within an image using the BIF keyword "image"; this is useful for combining all the partitions related to a common subsystem or function in a group. Bootgen creates the required partitions for each file and creates a common image header for that image. The following table contains the information of number of partitions related to an image.

Table 1. Versal Adaptive SoC Image Header
Offset Name Description
0x0 First Partition Header (Word) Word offset to first partition header
0x4 Number of Partitions Number of partitions present for this image
0x8 Revoke ID Revoke ID for Meta Header
0xC Image Attributes See Image Attributes table
0x10-0x1C Image Name ASCII name of the image. Max of 16 characters. Fill with Zeros when padding is required.
0x20 Image/Node ID Defines the resource node the image is initializing
0x24 Unique ID Defines the affinity/compatibility identifier when required for a given device resource
0x28 Parent Unique ID Defines the required parent resource UID for the configuration content of the image, if required
0x2c Function ID Identifier used to capture the unique function of the image configuration data
0x30 DDR Low Address for Image Copy The DDR lower 32-bit address where the image must be copied when memcpy is enabled in BIF
0.34 DDR High Address for Image Copy The DDR higher 32-bit address where image must be copied when memcpy is enabled in BIF
0x38 Reserved  
0x3C Checksum A sum of all the previous words.

The following table shows the Image Header Attributes.

Table 2. Versal Adaptive SoC Image Header Attributes
Bit Field Name Description
31:9 Reserved 0
8 Delay Hand off

0 – Handoff the image now (default)

1 – Handoff the image later

7 Delay load

0 – Load the image now (default)

1 – Load the image later

6 Copy to memory

0 – No copy to memory (Default)

1 – Image to be copied to memory

5:3 Image Owner

0 - PLM (default)

1 - Non-PLM

2-7 – Reserved

2:0 Reserved 0