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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

The search view can be used to find and replace text globally within the current workspace. The search result includes text files in the workspace including source files, configuration files, and log files. The search is performed inside files. File names are not part of the search.

Figure 1. Search View

As shown in the image above, some of the features of the Search view include the following:

Match Case
Match the case of the provided search string
Match Whole Word
Match only whole words
Use Regular Expression
Use regular expressions to define the search
Include Ignored Files
Restores ignored files to the search list
Replace All
When replace is enabled, replace all search results
Toggle Search Details
Expands the Search view to add Files to Include and Files to Exclude fields
Files to include
Specify a list of files to restrict your search. The listed files can include wildcards, and each entry must be separated by a comma. For example, the following includes (or excludes) the AIECompiler.log file and all files with summary in the name:
AIECompiler.log, *summary*
Files to exclude
Specify a list of files to restrict your search. See above for example.
Clear Search Results
Clears the search string and search results
Tip: Be careful when using the Replace function, as it can introduce errors into your designs.