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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

The MSS file includes an OS block for each processor instance. The OS block contains a reference to the OS name (OS_NAME parameter), and the OS version (OS_VER). There is no default value for these parameters. The BSP directory contains C source and header files and a make file for the OS.

The MLD file for each OS specifies all configurable options for the OS. Each MLD file has a corresponding Tcl file associated with it. Refer to Microprocessor Library Definition (MLD) and Microprocessor Software Specification (MSS).

You can write your own OSs. These OSs must be in a specific directory under /bsp, as shown in the figure in Software Repository.

  • The OS_NAME attribute allows you to specify any name for your OS, which is also the name of the OS directory.
  • The source files and make file for the OS must be in the src subdirectory under the / directory.
  • The make file should have the targets /include and /libs.
  • Each OS must contain an MLD file and a Tcl file in the /data subdirectory.

Look at the existing OSs to understand the structures. See Microprocessor Library Definition (MLD) Overview for details on how to write an MLD and its corresponding Tcl file, refer to the Device Driver Programmer Guide. This guide is located in your Vitis software platform installation in <install_directory>\vitis\<version> \data\embeddedsw\doc.