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2023.2 English

Bootgen has the capability of generating RSA keys. Alternatively, you can create keys using external tools such as OpenSSL. Bootgen creates the keys in the paths specified in the BIF file.

The figure shows the sample RSA private key file.
Figure 1. Sample RSA Private Key File
Note: The public component is usually referred with the extension .pub. This can be extracted from the private key that has both the public and private components. The private keys usually have extension .pem. To generate public key components use ppkfile/spkfile instead of pskfile/sskfile in the above example.

BIF Example

A sample BIF file, generate_pem.bif:

	[pskfile] psk0.pem
	[sskfile] ssk0.pem


The command to generate keys is, as follows:

bootgen -generate_keys pem -arch zynqmp -image generate_pem.bif