Debugging an Application Component Already Running On a Target Device - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English
The debugger allows debugging an application that is already running on the target device. For example, a standalone application component or Linux kernel booting from a flash device can be debugged using the debugger. The following are the steps for attaching to an application component running on the target.
Note: The debugger does not modify the state of the processors on the target device, but merely connects to them. You can halt the processors and debug from the current PC.
  1. Create a target connection to the host to where the hardware board is connected. If the hardware board is connected to the same machine where the Vitis Unified IDE is running, this step can be skipped. In the subsequent steps that refer to remote board and remote connection, the default Local connection can be used.
    1. See Creating a New Target Connection to create the target connection.
  2. See Launch Configurations to launch a debug configuration. Set the Target Setup Mode as Attach to running target and select the target connection that was created.

  3. Follow Starting Debug to start debug the application.