Debugging a Program Already Running on the Target - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2023.2 English

Xilinx System Debugger Command-line Interface (XSDB) can be used to debug a program which is already running on the target (for example, booting from flash). Connect to the target and set the symbol file for the program running on the target. This method can also be used to debug Linux kernel booting from flash. For best results, the code running on the target should be compiled with the debug information.

The following is an example of debugging a program already running on the target. For demo purpose, the program has been stopped at main(), before this example session.

# Connect to the hw_server

xsdb% conn -url TCP:xhdbfarmc7:3121
xsdb% Info: Arm Cortex-A9 MPCore #0 (target 2) Stopped at 0x1005a4 (Hardware Breakpoint)
xsdb% Info: Arm Cortex-A9 MPCore #1 (target 3) Stopped at 0xfffffe18 (Suspended)

# Select the target on which the program is running and specify the symbol file using the 
# memmap command

xsdb% targets 2
xsdb% memmap -file dhrystone/Debug/dhrystone.elf

# When the symbol file is specified, the debugger maps the code on the target to the symbol 
# file. bt command can be used to see the back trace. Further debug is possible, as shown in 
# the first example

xsdb% bt
    0  0x1005a4 main(): ../src/dhry_1.c, line 79
    1  0x1022d8 _start()+88
    2  unknown-pc