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Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2023.2 English


Write the current project settings to the specified INI file. This can be used to export a project to an INI file rather than creating a Tcl script for the project. The INI can be read into the Vitis HLS tool using the apply_ini command, or can be used with the v++ -c --mode hls command.


write_ini <ini_file> [OPTIONS]

<ini_file> specifies the INI file to create.


-all <true | false>
Write all options regardless if current value is set/unset. This ensures that even default values will be exported to the INI file as it is written.
-appfile <string>
Project app file to use instead of current open project. Can be used to generate INI files from projects that are not currently opened.
-apsfile <string>
Solution aps file to use instead of current open solution, or from an external project.
-filepaths <absolute|relative|none>
Control handling of relative file paths in output. The default is none.
-fileroot <string>
For use with the -filepaths relative option, this specifies the path to make file paths relative to. The default is relative to the directory where the tool was launched.
-include <string>
Specify a string for glob patterns to include.
-package_defaults [=true|false]
Write the default values of the various package config settings to the INI file.
-quiet <true | false>
Suppress all warning and information messages when writing the INI file. Errors will still be returned.
-show <true | false>
Show verbose messages when writing the INI file.
-solution_only [=true|false]
Do not include project data in the generated INI file.
-workdir <string>
Specify the work directory in the generated INI file.


This exports the current project to the specified INI file, exporting all options whether they are user specified or in their default values:

write_ini project1.ini -all=true