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Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2023.2 English


Sets a target device, device family, or board for the current solution. The command can be executed only in the context of an active solution.

Tip: Each solution in a project can target a separate device or device family.


set_part <device_specification>
  • <device_specification> is a device specification that sets the target device for Vitis HLS synthesis and implementation.
  • The device specification includes <device>, <package>, and <speed_grade> information.
  • Specifying the <device_family> uses the default device for the device family.


Specify the part as defined on a board.


The FPGA libraries provided with Vitis HLS can be added to the current solution by providing the device family name as shown below. In this case, the default device, package, and speed grade specified in the Vitis HLS FPGA library for the Virtex 7 device family are used.
set_part virtex7

The FPGA libraries provided with Vitis HLS can optionally specify the specific device with package and speed grade information.

set_part xc6vlx240tff1156-1

Specifies the part through the definition of a board.

set_part -board u200