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Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2023.2 English


Create a project by sourcing a Tcl file, but skipping all design commands in the Tcl script: cosim_design, csynth_design, and csim_design. This command only creates and configures the project from a Tcl script. This lets you create a project using Tcl scripts from existing projects without running simulation or synthesis.

There can only be one active project in a Vitis HLS session. To close a project:

  • Use the close_project command, or
  • Open or create another project with the open_tcl_project or open_project commands.

Use the delete_project command to completely delete the project directory (removing it from the disk) and any solutions associated it.


open_tcl_project <tclfile>
  • <tclfile> specifies the path and name of a Tcl script to use when creating a project.


This command has no options.


Creates and opens a project from the specified Tcl script:

open_tcl_project run_hls.tcl