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Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2023.2 English


Concatenate one or more INI files into a single file and output the results to stdout or to a specified file. The resulting INI can be read into the Vitis HLS tool using the apply_ini command.


cat_ini { <ini_file1> <ini_file2> ...} [OPTIONS]
  • { <ini_file1> <ini_file2> ...} specifies one or more INI files to read into the AMD Vitis™ HLS tool and concatenate into a single file. The braces "{}" ar required to group multiple inputs.


-exclude <string>
Specify INI section glob patterns to exclude when writing the file.
-include <string>

Specify glob patterns found in the INI files to include in the output file. Anything not included will be excluded.

Tip: -exclude and -include are mutually exclusive, and cannot be used together.
-out <file name>
Specifies the INI file name to write as output. When not specified, the output is written to stdout.
-quiet <true | false>
Suppress all warning and information messages when writing the INI file. Note that errors will still be returned. The default value is false.
-show <true | false>
Show verbose messages when writing the INI file. The default value is false.


This example joins the specified INI files and returns them to stdout:

cat_ini {./run.ini ./test.ini}