Control Clock and Reset in AXI4-Lite Interfaces - 2023.2 English

Vitis High-Level Synthesis User Guide (UG1399)

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2023.2 English
Note: If you instantiate the slave AXI4-Lite register file in a bus fabric that uses a different clock frequency, Vivado IP integrator will automatically generate a clock domain crossing (CDC) slice that performs the same function as the control clock described below, making use of the option unnecessary.

By default, Vitis HLS uses the same clock for the AXI4-Lite interface and the synthesized design. Vitis HLS connects all registers in the AXI4-Lite interface to the clock used for the synthesized logic (ap_clk).

Optionally, you can use the INTERFACE directive clock option to specify a separate clock for each AXI4-Lite port. When connecting the clock to the AXI4-Lite interface, you must use the following protocols:

  • AXI4-Lite interface clock must be synchronous to the clock used for the synthesized logic (ap_clk). That is, both clocks must be derived from the same master generator clock.
  • AXI4-Lite interface clock frequency must be equal to or less than the frequency of the clock used for the synthesized logic (ap_clk).

If you use the clock option with the INTERFACE directive, you only need to specify the clock option on one function argument in each bundle. Vitis HLS implements all other function arguments in the bundle with the same clock and reset. Vitis HLS names the generated reset signal with the prefix ap_rst_ followed by the clock name. The generated reset signal is active-Low independent of the config_rtl command.

The following example shows how Vitis HLS groups function arguments a and b into an AXI4-Lite port with a clock named AXI_clk1 and an associated reset port.

// Default AXI-Lite interface implemented with independent clock called AXI_clk1
#pragma HLS interface mode=s_axilite port=a clock=AXI_clk1
#pragma HLS interface mode=s_axilite port=b

In the following example, Vitis HLS groups function arguments c and d into AXI4-Lite port CTRL1 with a separate clock called AXI_clk2 and an associated reset port.

// CTRL1 AXI-Lite bundle implemented with a separate clock (called AXI_clk2)
#pragma HLS interface mode=s_axilite port=c bundle=CTRL1 clock=AXI_clk2
#pragma HLS interface mode=s_axilite port=d bundle=CTRL1