syn.directive.occurrence - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English


When pipelining functions or loops, the OCCURRENCE pragma or directive specifies that the code in a pipelined function call within the pipelined function or loop is executed at a lower rate than the surrounding function or loop. This allows the pipelined call that is executed at the lower rate to be pipelined at a slower rate, and potentially shared within the top-level pipeline. For example:

  • A loop iterates N times.
  • Part of the loop is protected by a conditional statement and only executes M times, where N is an integer multiple of M.
  • The code protected by the conditional is said to have an occurrence of N/M.

Identifying a region with an OCCURRENCE rate allows the functions and loops in this region to be pipelined with an initiation interval that is slower than the enclosing function or loop.


syn.directive.occurrence=[OPTIONS] <location>
  • <location> specifies the block of code that contains the pipelined function call(s) with a slower rate of execution.


Specifies the occurrence N/M where:
  • N is the number of times the enclosing function or loop is executed.
  • M is the number of times the conditional region is executed.
Important: N must be an integer multiple of M.
Disable occurrence for the specified function.


Region Cond_Region in function foo has an occurrence of 4. It executes at a rate four times slower than the code that encompasses it.

syn.directive.occurrence=cycle=4 foo/Cond_Region