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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English

The following examples cover some of the popular design features supported by VSC. They are published on GitHub and the table provides the links to each of those.

Table 1. Popular Design Features Supported by VSC
Example Name Feature Coverage
Convolution Filter quick_start_sc This example is described in detail the quick-start section. It covers some basic VSC features such as multiple CUs.
Hardware Emulation debug_profile_sc

This example covers validation features:

  1. hardware emulation.
  2. Profiling the accelerator execution on the card.
CU-to-GMIO transfer types gmio_transfers_sc Global memory IO transfers.
File transfers to CU file_filter_sc

This examples covers multiple features of specialized IO transfers:

  1. P2P and H2C file transfer using ping-pong buffers. Refer to Special Data Transfer Models for more details.
  2. Create and use multi-file buffer objects that can work with multi-CU computation. Refer to Special Data Transfer Models for more details.
  3. User-defined custom synchronization of input and output buffers to ACC.
Free-running PEs with AXI4-Streams streaming_sc ACC containing free-running processing elements with feedback AXI4-Stream connections. Showcase stream depth. Software emulation.
Multiple ACCs with CPU mult_acc_compose_sc Allow multiple accelerators (VPP_ACC) in one xclbin, and compose them into a pipeline, with or without CPU processing in-between the PEs.
Multi-card accelerators mult_card_sc Application code controlling a multi-card multiple accelerator design.