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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English

While VSC mode should work on most of the Vitis supported platforms. Here is the list of platforms in production that VSC mode is tested on,

  • xilinx_u200_gen3x16_xdma_2_202110_1
  • xilinx_u55c_gen3x16_xdma_3_202210_1
  • xilinx_u50_gen3x4_xdma_2_202010_1
  • xilinx_u50_gen3x16_xdma_5_202210_1
  • xilinx_u25_gen3x8_xdma_1_202010_1
  • xilinx_u250_gen3x16_xdma_3_1_202020_1
  • xilinx_u2_gen3x4_xdma_flat_gc_2_202110_1
  • xilinx_u2_gen3x4_xdma_gc_2_202110_1

The following are not supported in this release

  • All NoDMA Platforms such as xilinx_u50_gen3x16_nodma_1_202110_1
  • Embedded platforms such as those using Zynq MPSoC

With the following specific platforms, hardware emulation is not supported and running emulation will lead to an error.

  • xilinx_u25_gen3x8_xdma_1_202010_1
  • xilinx_u250_gen3x16_xdma_2_1_202010_1

However, validation with software emulation and profiling on the physical card should work as expected. The newer versions of these platforms will support emulation with VSC.