Platforminfo for xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1 - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English
Use the following command to return the platforminfo for the xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1 platform:
platforminfo -p xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1
The results returned are as follows:

Basic Platform Information
Platform:           xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1
File:               /platforms/xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1.xpfm
A basic static platform targeting the ZCU104 evaluation board, which includes 2GB DDR4, GEM, USB, SDIO interface and UART of the Processing System. It reserves most of the PL resources for user to add acceleration kernels

Hardware Platform (Shell) Information
Vendor:                           xilinx
Board:                            zcu104_base
Name:                             zcu104_base
Version:                          1.0
Generated Version:                2020.1
Software Emulation:               1
Hardware Emulation:               0
FPGA Family:                      zynquplus
FPGA Device:                      xczu7ev
Board Vendor:           
Board Name:             
Board Part:                       xczu7ev-ffvc1156-2-e
Maximum Number of Compute Units:  60

Clock Information
  Default Clock Index: 0
  Clock Index:         0
    Frequency:         150.000000
  Clock Index:         1
    Frequency:         300.000000
  Clock Index:         2
    Frequency:         75.000000
  Clock Index:         3
    Frequency:         100.000000
  Clock Index:         4
    Frequency:         200.000000
  Clock Index:         5
    Frequency:         400.000000
  Clock Index:         6
    Frequency:         600.000000

Memory Information
  Bus SP Tag: HP0
  Bus SP Tag: HP1
  Bus SP Tag: HP2
  Bus SP Tag: HP3
  Bus SP Tag: HPC0
  Bus SP Tag: HPC1
Feature ROM Information

Software Platform Information
Number of Runtimes:            1
Default System Configuration:  xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1
System Configurations:
  System Config Name:                      xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1
  System Config Description:               xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1
  System Config Default Processor Group:   xrt
  System Config Default Boot Image:        standard
  System Config Is QEMU Supported:         1
  System Config Processor Groups:
    Processor Group Name:      xrt
    Processor Group CPU Type:  cortex-a53
    Processor Group OS Name:   linux
  System Config Boot Images:
    Boot Image Name:           standard
    Boot Image Type:           
    Boot Image BIF:            xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/boot/linux.bif
    Boot Image Data:           xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/xrt/image
    Boot Image Boot Mode:      sd
    Boot Image RootFileSystem: 
    Boot Image Mount Path:     /mnt
    Boot Image Read Me:        xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/boot/generic.readme
    Boot Image QEMU Args:      xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/qemu/pmu_args.txt:xilinx_zcu104_base_202010_1/qemu/qemu_args.txt
    Boot Image QEMU Boot:      
    Boot Image QEMU Dev Tree:  
Supported Runtimes:
  Runtime: OpenCL