Launching Vitis Unified IDE - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English
Note: The AMD Vitis™ Unified Integrated Design Environment (IDE) supports data center acceleration and embedded system design, AI Engine and High-Level Synthesis (HLS) component creation, platform creation, and embedded software design. You can launch this tool by using the following command:
vitis  -w <workspace>

In the AMD Vitis™ unified IDE, you can create a new embedded application project or platform development project. The vitis command launches the Vitis unified IDE with your defined options. It provides options for specifying the workspace and options of the project. The following sections describe the vitis command options.

Command Options

The following command options specify how the vitis command is configured for the current workspace and project.

vitis [--classic | -a | -w | -i | -s | -h | -v]
-a/--analyze [<summary file | folder | waveform file: *.[wdb|wcfg]>]
Open the summary file in the Analysis view. Opening a folder opens the summary files found in the folder. Open the waveform file in a waveform view tab. If no file or folder is specified, opens the Analysis view.
-workspace <workspace location>
Specify the workspace directory for Vitis Unified IDE projects.
Launches Vitis Python interactive shell.
-s/--source <python_script>
Runs the specified Python script.
Launches Vitis Jupyter web UI.
Displays help information for the Vitis command options.
Displays the Vitis tool release version.

Classic Options

You can launch the Vitis classic IDE using the --classic option. The options in this section apply to the Vitis classic IDE only.

Launches the classic Vitis IDE rather than the new unified IDE.
Important: The classic version of the Vitis IDE is deprecated and will be discontinued in a future release.
Launches the Vitis IDE to run debug on a command-line project.
Tip: To view the help for the vitis -debug command, use -debug -help.
{-lp <repository_path>}
Add <repository_path> to the list of Driver/OS/Library search directories for the Vitis classic IDE.
-eclipseargs <eclipse arguments>
Eclipse-specific arguments are passed to Eclipse for the Vitis classic IDE.
-vmargs <java vm arguments>
Additional arguments to be passed to Java VM for the Vitis classic IDE.