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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English

XRT-managed RTL kernels can optionally have an interrupt port containing a single interrupt. The port name must be called interrupt and be active-High. It is enabled when both the global interrupt enable (GIE) and interrupt enable register (IER) bits are asserted in the Control Register block.

The Vitis compiler (v++) will link the interrupt signal of a PL kernel into the available signals on the platform, provided the platform has interrupts available for connection as described in Adding Hardware Interfaces. If no interrupt is enabled on the platform, then you must manually connect the interrupt of the kernel.

By default, the IER uses the internal ap_done signal to trigger an interrupt. Further, the interrupt is cleared only when writing a 1 to bit-0 of the IP Interrupt Status Register.

This logic should be reflected in the Verilog code for the RTL kernel, and also in the associated component.xml and kernel.xml files. The kernel.xml file is stored inside the kernel.xo file and is generated automatically when using the package_xo command or RTL Kernel Wizard.

Important: The XRT native API does not support triggering or catching interrupts in the host application for user-managed RTL kernels.