Defining the Package Configuration - 2023.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2023.2 English

The Package Settings configuration file contains information used by the Vitis compiler (v++) for packaging the system. To open the config file from the vitis-sys.json file for the System project click the package/package.cfg hyperlink. This will open the Config File Editor in the central editor window as displayed below.

Figure 1. Configuring Package Settings

The packaging process is described in Building and Packaging the System. The specific package commands represented below are documented in --package Options.

The Package config file includes the following sections:

Applies to the construction of the SD card or boot files.
  • Output Directory: Specifies the absolute or relative path to the output directory of the --package command. The default output directory for the Vitis IDE is ./build/<target>/package.
  • Domain Name: Specifies a domain name from the current platform. If this option is not specified, then the tool uses the default domain for the platform.
  • Boot Mode: Specifies the boot mode used for booting the device and running the application in emulation or on hardware. For embedded platforms, the default boot mode is SD card.
  • Package directories to sd-card: Specifies a directory to package as a sub-folder of the SD card directory/image.
  • Package files to sd-card: Specifies an elf, xclbin, or other files to package into the SD card directory/image.
  • Baremetal Elf: This option relates to --package.ps_elf and is used when a baremetal ELF file is running on a device processor core.
  • PS Debug Port: Specifies the TCP port where emulator listens for incoming connections from the debugger to debug PS cores.
Linux Boot
Specifies options to configure the device boot process for Linux.
  • Arm Trusted firmware elf: This option is related to --package.bl31_elf, and identifies a trusted firmware ELF that executes on the A72#0 core.
  • DTB file: Specifies the absolute or relative path to device tree binary (DTB) used for loading Linux on the APU.
  • U-Boot ELF: Specifies a path to U-Boot ELF file which overrides the platform U-Boot.
  • Image Format: Specifies <ext4 | fat32> output image file format used on the SD card. For embedded platforms with a Linux domain, the default image format is ext4. For all others, the image format is fat32.
  • Kernel Image: Specifies the absolute or relative path to a Linux kernel image file.
  • Root File System: Specifies the absolute or relative path to a processed Linux root file system file.
  • Do Not Create Image: Bypass SD card image creation when --package.boot_mode sd is used.
AI Engine
Defines features related to the AI Engine array.
  • Debug port: Specifies a TCP port where emulator listens for incoming connections from the debugger to debug Versal AI Engine cores. The default port value is 10100.
  • Do not enable cores: Specifies that the Versal AI Engine cores are enabled by an embedded processor (PS) application rather than by default at boot time.
  • Enable debug: When enabled, the tool generates CDO commands to stop the AI Engine cores during PDI load.