Register Notifier for EM Events - 2023.2 English

Versal Adaptive SoC System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2023.2 English
Table 1. Command: Register Notifier
Reserved[31:25]=0 Security Flag[24] Length[23:16]=4 PMC_XILPM=2 CMD_PM_REGISTER_NOTIFIER=5
Node ID (Error Event ID)
Event Mask (Error Mask)
Argument 1
Argument 2

EM supports notifying a subsystem when registered error occurs, using the register notifier API supported by XilPM. Use this command to register for notifications when registered errors occur. Refer to the xil_error_node.h file for a list of supported error event IDs and error masks for Versal devices.

  • Node ID: Can either be a Device ID or Error Event ID. Use an Error Event ID for registering error events.
  • Event Mask
    • For Device ID: Event Type
    • For Error Event ID: Error Mask
  • Argument 1
    • For Device ID: Wake
  • Argument 2
    • For Device ID: Enable

The register notifier for an event of an error event ID enables the error event by clearing the corresponding PMC/PSM_ERR#N_STATUS bit and writes to the corresponding PMC/PSM_IRQ#N_EN. The notifier returns an event index (which is a bit that notify callback sets) to indicate the occurrence of the event.

The register notifier command works with the notify callback command, for example, register notifier of error node GT_CR error event clears PMC_ERR1_STATUS.GT_CR, enables PMC_IRQ1_EN.GT_CR, and returns a number, for example, 5. Notify callback sets bit 5 of the event status to indicate that the GT_CR error has occurred.