Event Logging Command Examples - 2023.2 English

Versal Adaptive SoC System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2023.2 English

The following examples show the structure of the event trace logs.

Example: Change the Log-Level to Debug Information

CMD - 0x020113 (Event logging command)
SubCmd - 0x1 (Sub command to change log level)
Arg1 - 0x3 (Change to Debug Info)

Example: Change Debug Log Buffer Address

The following command structure changes the log buffer address from 1M with a size of 512K.

CMD - 0x040113 (Event logging command)
SubCmd – 0x2 (Sub command to change log buffer address)
Arg1 - 0x0 (High Address)
Arg2 – 0x100000 (Low Address 1M)
Arg3 – 0x80000 (Size of log buffer 512K)

Example: Copy the Logged Data

CMD - 0x030113 (Event logging command)
SubCmd – 0x3 (Sub command to copy the log buffer to below specified address)
Arg1 - 0x0 (High Address)
Arg2 – 0x100000 (Low Address 1M)

Example: Get the Log Buffer Details

CMD - 0x010113 (Event logging command)
SubCmd – 0x7 (Sub command to get the event log buffer details)
Response Payload0: Command Status
Response Payload1: High Address
Response Payload2: Low Address
Response Payload3: Buffer offset till where the log is valid
Response Payload4: Log Buffer length
Response Payload5: Indicates that the log buffer is full