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Versal Adaptive SoC System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2023.2 English

Based on the open source Eclipse platform, the Vitis development platform provides a complete environment for creating software applications that are targeted for FPGA embedded processors. The environment includes a GNU-based compiler toolchain, C/C++ development toolkit (CDT), JTAG debugger, flash programmer, middleware libraries, bare-metal BSPs, and drivers for AMD IPs. The development environment also includes a robust IDE for C/C++ bare-metal and Linux application development and debugging.

The development environment lets you create software applications using a unified set of AMD tools for the Arm Cortex®-A72 and Cortex®-R5F processors, and the AMD MicroBlaze™ processors. The environment provides the following methods to create applications:

  • Bare-metal and FreeRTOS applications for MicroBlaze processors
  • Bare-metal, Linux, and FreeRTOS applications for APU
  • Bare-metal and FreeRTOS applications for RPU
  • User customization of PLM, which is primarily used to boot Versal devices
  • Library examples are provided with Vitis libraries (ready to load sources and build), as follows:
    • OpenCV
    • OpenAMP RPC
    • FreeRTOS “HelloWorld”
    • LWIP
    • Performance tests (Dhrystone, memory tests, and peripheral tests)
    • Cryptographic hardware engine access
    • eFUSE and BBRAM programming
    • PLM

All processes necessary to successfully complete this export process are run automatically. The Vitis development flow process exports the following files to the Vitis development platform directory:

Vivado project file
Contains PLM file (plm.elf), PSM firmware (psm_fw.elf) and all design specific CDO files (pmc_data.cdo, lpd_data.cdo, *.rcdo, *.rnpi, ai_engine_data.cdo (if AI Engine is used), and fpd_data.cdo)
Xilinx Support Archive for the design.

The Vitis development flow can be used to generate programmable device image (PDI) for secure and non-secure boot for the following processors:

  • Arm Cortex-A72
  • Arm Cortex-R5F
  • MicroBlaze

The Vitis development kit supports Linux application development and debugging.

For more information, see Vitis Embedded Software Development Flow Documentation (UG1400).