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Versal Adaptive SoC System Software Developers Guide (UG1304)

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2023.2 English

This guide focuses on the system software development environment of Versal devices. It is the first document that software developers should read. This document includes the following:

Chapter 2: Programming View of Versal Devices
Provides an overview of system software, and relevant aspects of the Versal devices hardware.
Chapter 3: Development Tools
Describes the available AMD tools and flows for programming the Versal device.
Chapter 4: Software Stack
Provides an overview of the various software stacks available for the Versal devices.
Chapter 5: Software Development Flow
Explains the bare-metal software development for the real-time processing unit (RPU) and the application processing unit (APU) using the AMD Vitis™ IDE, as well as Linux software development for the APU using PetaLinux and Vitis tools.
Chapter 6: Software Design Paradigms
Describes the AMD Versal device architecture that supports heterogeneous multiprocessor engines for different tasks.
Chapter 7: Boot and Configuration
Presents the type of boot modes that Versal devices support, along with an overview of the boot and configuration process for both secure and non-secure boot modes.
Chapter 8: Platform Loader and Manager
Explains the role of the platform loader and manager (PLM) that runs on the platform processing unit (PPU) in the platform management controller (PMC). The PLM performs boot and configuration of Versal devices, and continuously monitors services after the initial boot and configuration of the Versal device.
Chapter 9: Security
Details features that can be leveraged to address security during boot time and runtime of an application.
Chapter 10: Platform Management
Describes the role of the platform management in managing resources, such as power, clock, reset, and pins optimally.
Chapter 11: Target Development Platforms
Describes the boards and kits available for Versal devices.
Appendix A: Libraries
Details the libraries and APIs available for Versal devices.