Shared State Cache - 2023.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2023.2 English

Yocto e-SDK contains minimal shared state (sstate) cache. AMD hosts the full petalinux-image-minimal sstate cache at

During petalinux-build, BitBake searches for the sstate cache in If it fails to find the sstate cache, BitBake builds it from scratch. sstate is signature locked.

For a .bbappend file which you create for any root file system component, you must add SIGGEN_UNLOCKED_RECIPES += "<recipe-name>" (for example, example, SIGGEN_UNLOCKED_RECIPES += "u-boot-xlnx" in <plnx-proj-root>/project-spec/meta_user/conf/petalinuxbsp.conf.