PetaLinux Supported Dynamic Configuration - 2023.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2023.2 English

The fpgamanager template names got renamed, and the exact mapping is given in the following table.

Outdated templates remain functional, yet it is strongly recommended to adopt new template names.

Sr No Design Type Input Files Yocto Class Name PetaLinux Template Name old Petalinux template name platform
1 NA dts/dtsi/dtbo, bit.bin or pdi dfx_user_dts dfx_user_dts fpgamanager




2 Flat xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_zynq_full dfx_dtg_zynq_full fpgamanager_dtg zynq
3 Flat xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_zynqmp_full dfx_dtg_zynqmp_full fpgamanager_dtg zynqmp
4 DFX static xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_zynqmp_static dfx_dtg_zynqmp_static fpgamanager_dtg zynqmp
5 DFX RP xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_zynqmp_partial dfx_dtg_zynqmp_partial fpgamanager_dtg_dfx zynqmp
6 Flat xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_versal_full dfx_dtg_versal_full fpgamanager_dtg_csoc2 versal
7 DFX static xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_versal_static dfx_dtg_versal_static fpgamanager_dtg versal
8 DFX RP xsa or dtsi dfx_dtg_versal_partial dfx_dtg_versal_partial fpgamanager_dtg_dfx versal