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PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2023.2 English

The Yocto machine specifies the target device for which the image is built. The variable corresponds to a machine configuration file of the same name, which sets machine-specific configurations. Currently, PetaLinux supports the user machine configuration file.

You can add your machine configuration file under ​<plnx-proj-root​>​/project-spec/meta-user/conf/machine/​ or add your machine configuration file in any additional layers and add it to the project through petalinux-config.

→ () Yocto Include Machine name specifies the machine name included in the () Yocto Machine Name Specified. The default uses the generic config files based on the platform.

Follow these steps to specify the user machine configuration file name in the PetaLinux project:

  1. Go to the PetaLinux project.
  2. Select petalinux-config > Yocto Settings > () Yocto Machine Name.
  3. Specify your machine configuration file name.

    Based on the design, the machine configuration files are generated dynamically.

  4. Optionally add/modify petalinux-config → Yocto Settings → () Yocto Include Machine name
Table 1. Default Machine Names in Template
Template Machine
zynq zynq-generic
zynqmp zynqmp-generic
microblaze microblazeel-generic
versal versal-generic
Table 2. Default Machine Names and Corresponding Include Machine in BSP
BSP name Machine Include Machine
xilinx-ac701-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-ac701 ac701-microblazeel
xilinx-kc705-v$version-08071442.bsp xilinx-kc705 kc705-microblazeel
xilinx-kcu105-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-kcu105 kcu105-microblazeel
xilinx-vcu118-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vcu118 vcu118-microblazeel
xilinx-sp701-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-sp701 kcu105-tmr-microblazeel
xilinx-zc702-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-zc702 zc702-zynq7
xilinx-zc706-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-zc706 zc706-zynq7
xilinx-zcu102-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu102 zcu102-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu104-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu104 zcu104-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu106-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu106 zcu106-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu111-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu111 zcu111-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu208-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu208 zcu208-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu216-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu216 zcu216-zynqmp
xilinx-zcu670-v$version.bsp xilinx-zcu670 zcu670-zynqmp
xilinx-k26-som-v$version.bsp xilinx-k26-som k26-sm
xilinx-vck190-SC-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vck190-sc vck-sc-zynqmp
xilinx-vck190-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vck190 vck190-versal
xilinx-vc-p-a2197-00-reva-x-prc-02-reva-v$vesion-final.bsp xilinx-vc-p-a2197-00 vc-p-a2197-00-versal
xilinx-vck5000-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vck5000 vck5000-versal
xilinx-vek280-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vek280 vek280-versal
xilinx-vhk158-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vhk158 vhk158-versal
xilinx-vmk180-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vmk180 vmk180-versal
xilinx-vpk120-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vpk120 vpk120-versal
xilinx-vpk180-v$version-final.bsp xilinx-vpk180 vpk180-versal
Note: In the previous table, $version indicates PETALINUX_VERSION
Note: For TEMPLATE, if you specify any of the mentioned Machine names, the corresponding included machine name is auto-updated. You can update it based on your needs.