Configuring U-Boot - 2023.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation: Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2023.2 English
Universal boot loader (U-Boot) configuration is usually done using C pre-processor. It defines:
Configuration _OPTIONS_
You can select the configuration options. They have names beginning with CONFIG_.
Configuration _SETTINGS_
These depend on the hardware and other factors. They have names beginning with CONFIG_SYS_.
Tip: Detailed explanation on CONFIG_ options/settings documentation and README on U-Boot can be found at Denx U-Boot Guide.

PetaLinux U-Boot configuration is associated with config.cfg configuration file located at <plnx-proj-root>/project-spec/configs/u-boot-xlnx/ .

Note: config.cfg is generated only when petalinux-config > Auto Config Settings > u-boot autoconfig is enabled.

PetaLinux does not automate U-Boot configuration with respect to CONFIG_ options/settings. You can add these CONFIG_ options/settings into platform-top.h file.

Important: If petalinux-config > Auto Config Settings > u-boot autoconfig is disabled, the platform-top.h changes are not reflected directly. To resolve this, see Steps for Managing Image Size.

Steps to add CONFIG_ option (For example, CONFIG_CMD_MEMTEST) to platform-top.h:

  • Change into the root directory of your PetaLinux project.
    cd <plnx-proj-root>
  • Open the file platform-top.h
    vi project-spec/meta-user/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/platform-top.h
  • If you want to add CONFIG_CMD_MEMTEST option, add the following line to the file. Save the changes.
    Tip: Defining CONFIG_CMD_MEMTEST enables the Monitor Command "mtest", which is used for simple RAM test.
  • Build the U-Boot image.
    petalinux-build -c u-boot
  • Generate BOOT.BIN using the following command.
    petalinux-package --boot --fsbl <FSBL image> --fpga <FPGA bitstream> --u-boot
  • Boot the image either on hardware or QEMU and stop at U-Boot stage.
  • Enter the mtest command in the U-Boot console as follows:
    ZynqMP mtest
  • Output on the U-Boot console should be similar to the following:
    Testing 00000000 ... 00001000:
    						Pattern 00000000 Writing... Reading...Iteration: 20369
    Important: If CONFIG_CMD_MEMTEST is not defined, output on U-Boot console is as follows:
    U-Boot-PetaLinux> mtest Unknown command ’mtest’ - try ’help’

    For more information on U-Boot, see