cornersImgToList() - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

API Syntax

template <unsigned int MAXCORNERSNO, unsigned int TYPE, unsigned int ROWS, unsigned int COLS, unsigned int NPC, int XFCVDEPTH_IN = _XFCVDEPTH_DEFAULT>
void cornersImgToList(xf::cv::Mat<TYPE,ROWS,COLS,NPC, XFCVDEPTH_IN> &_src, unsigned int list[MAXCORNERSNO], unsigned int *ncorners)

Parameter Descriptions

The following table describes the function parameters.

Table 221 Table: CornerImgToList Function Parameter Descriptions
Paramete r Description
MAXCORNE RSNO Maximum number of corners that the function needs to work on
TYPE Input Pixel Type. Only 8-bit, unsigned, 1 channel is supported (XF_8UC1)
ROWS Maximum height of input and output image (Must be multiple of 8)
COLS Maximum width of input and output image (Must be multiple of 8)
NPC Number of pixels to be processed per cycle. This function supports only XF_NPPC1 or 1-pixel per cycle operations.
XFCVDEPTH_IN Depth of input image
_src The output image of harris corner detector. The size of this xf::cv::Mat object is the size of the input image to Harris corner detector. The value of each pixel is 255 if a corner is present in the location, 0 otherwise.
list A 32 bit memory allocated, the size of MAXCORNERS, to store the corners detected by Harris Detector
ncorners Total number of corners detected by Harris, that is, the number of corners in the list