Template Parameter Description - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English
Table 218 Table : Template Parameter Description
Parameter Description
ROWS Number of rows in line buffer.
COLS Number of columns in line buffer.
T Data type of pixel in line buffer.
MEM_TYPE Type of storage element. It takes one of the following enumerated values: RAM_1P_BRAM, RAM_1P_URAM, RAM_2P_BRAM, RAM_2P_URAM, RAM_S2P_BRAM, RAM_S2P_URAM, RAM_T2P_BRAM, RAM_T2P_URAM.
RESHAPE_FACTOR Specifies the amount to divide an array.

Sample code for line buffer declaration:

LineBuffer<3, 1920, XF_8UC3, RAM_S2P_URAM,1>     buff;