Funtions - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
OpenCV interface functions
These functions covert image data of OpenCV Mat format to/from HLS AXI types. HLS Video Library had 14 interface functions, out of which, two functions are available in Vitis vision Library: cvMat2AXIvideo and AXIvideo2cvMat located in “xf_axi.h” file. The rest are all deprecated.
AXI4-Stream I/O Functions
The I/O functions which convert hls::Mat to/from AXI4-Stream compatible data type (hls::stream) are hls::AXIvideo2Mat, hls::Mat2AXIvideo. These functions are now deprecated and added 2 new functions xf::cv::AXIvideo2xfMat and xf::cv:: xfMat2AXIvideo to facilitate the xf::cv::Mat to/from conversion. To use these functions, the header file “xf_infra.hpp” must be included.