Executable Usage - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
  • Work Directory(Step 1)

The steps for library download and environment setup can be found in README of L3 folder. Please refer Getting Started with Vitis Vision AIEngine Library Functions for more details. For getting the design,

cd L3/tests/aie/Filter2D_multicore/16bit_aie_8bit_pl
  • Build kernel(Step 2)

Run the following make command to build your XCLBIN and host binary targeting a specific device. Please be noticed that this process will take a long time, maybe couple of hours.

export PLATFORM=< path-to-platform-directory >/< platform >.xpfm
make all TARGET=hw
  • Run kernel(Step 3)

To get the benchmark results, please run the following command.

make run TARGET=hw
  • Running on HW

After the build for hardware target completes, sd_card.img file will be generated in the build directory.

  1. Use a software like Etcher to flash the sd_card.img file on to a SD Card.
  2. After flashing is complete, insert the SD card in the SD card slot on board and power on the board.
  3. Use Teraterm to connect to COM port and wait for the system to boot up.
  4. After the boot up is done, goto /media/sd-mmcblk0p1 directory and run the executable file.