PLIO - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English

A PLIO port attribute is used to make external stream connections that cross the AI Engine to programmable logic (PL) boundary. The following example shows how the PLIO attributes shown in the previous table can be used in a program to read input data from a file or write output data to a file. The PLIO width and frequency of the PLIO port are also provided in the PLIO constructor. For more details please refer PLIO Attributes.

//Virtual platform ports
PLIO* in1 = new PLIO("DataIn1", adf::plio_64_bits, "data/input.txt");
PLIO* out1 = new PLIO("DataOut1", adf::plio_64_bits, "data/output.txt");
simulation::platform<1, 1> platform(in1,out1);

//Graph object
myGraph filter_graph;

//Virtual platform connectivity
connect<> net0(platform.src[0], filter_graph.inptr);
connect<> net1(filter_graph.outptr, platform.sink[0]);