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2023.2 English
template<int SRC_T,int DST_T,int ROWS,int COLS,int NPC=1, int XFCVDEPTH_IN = _XFCVDEPTH_DEFAULT, int XFCVDEPTH_OUT = _XFCVDEPTH_DEFAULT>void yuyv2uyvy(xf::cv::Mat<SRC_T, ROWS, COLS, NPC, XFCVDEPTH_IN> & yuyv,xf::cv::Mat<DST_T, ROWS, COLS, NPC, XFCVDEPTH_OUT> & uyvy)

Parameter Descriptions

The following table describes the template and the function parameters.

Table 448 Table Parameter Description
Parameter Description
SRC_T Input Y pixel type. Only 16-bit, unsigned, 1-channel is supported (XF_16UC1).
ROWS Maximum height of input and output image
COLS Maximum width of input and output image. Must be a multiple of N.
NPC Number of pixels to be processed per cycle. Possible options are XF_NPPC1,XF_NPPC2,XF_NPPC4 and XF_NPPC8.
XFCVDEPTH_IN Depth of input image
XFCVDEPTH_OUT Depth of output image
yuyv Input image
uyvy Output image

Resource Utilization

The following table summarizes the resource utilization of UYVY to YUYV/ YUYV to UYVY function in Normal mode (1 pixel), as generated in the Vivado HLS 2019.1 tool for the Xilinx xczu9eg-ffvb1156-2-i-es2 FPGA.

Operating Mode Operating Frequency (MHz) Utilization Estimate
1 Pixel 300 0 1 368 176 109

Performance Estimate

The following table summarizes the performance of the kernel in single pixel configuration as generated using Vivado HLS 2019.1 tool for the Xilinx xczu9eg-ffvb1156-2-i-es2 FPGA to process a grayscale HD (1080x1920) image.

Table 449 Table Performance Estimate Summary
Operating Mode Latency Estimate
Max Latency (ms)
1 pixel operation (300 MHz) 6.9