Vector Input - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English

With input casted to a long ap_uint vector, higher input rate can be done. This implementation consists of two dataflow processes working in parallel. The first one breaks the vector into a ping-pong buffer, while the second one reads from the buffers and schedules output in round-robin order.

design details of n streams to one distribution on round robin

The ping-pong buffers are implemented as two ap_uint of width as least common multiple (LCM) of input width and total output stream width. This imposes a limitation, as the LCM should be no more than AP_INT_MAX_W, which is default to 1024 in HLS.


Though AP_INT_MAX_W can be set to larger values, it may slow down HLS synthesis, and to effectively override AP_INT_MAX_W, the macro must be set before first inclusion of ap_int.h header.

This library tries to override AP_INT_MAX_W to 4096, but it’s only effective when ap_int.h has not be included before utility library headers.