streamCombine overload (3) - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "xf_utils_hw/stream_combine.hpp"
template <
    int _WIn,
    int _WOut,
    int _NStrm
void streamCombine (
    hls::stream <ap_uint <_WIn>> istrms [_NStrm],
    hls::stream <bool>& e_istrm,
    hls::stream <ap_uint <_WOut>>& ostrm,
    hls::stream <bool>& e_ostrm,
    LSBSideT alg

Combine multiple streams into a wide one, align to LSB.

The first selected stream will be copied to LSB. The data within the stream will not change the bit-order.

If _WOut > _WIn * _NStrm , extra bits will be filled with zeros.


_WIn input stream width.
_WOut output stream width, should be no less than _WIn * _NStrm.
_NStrm number of input streams.
istrms input data streams.
e_istrm end flag for all input streams.
ostrm output data stream.
e_ostrm end flag stream for the output.
alg algorithm selector for this function.