Example logs of plane_wave - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
INFO: Initializing ADF API...
INFO: XAIEFAL: INFO: Resource group Avail is created.
INFO: XAIEFAL: INFO: Resource group Static is created.
INFO: XAIEFAL: INFO: Resource group Generic is created.
INFO: file:data/start_positions.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/directions.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/samples_arange.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/image_points.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/image_points.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/tx_def_delay_distance.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/tx_def_delay_distance.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/tx_def_ref_point.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/tx_def_focal_point.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/t_start.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/apo_ref_0.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/xdc_def_0.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/apo_ref_1.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/xdc_def_1.txt size:64
INFO: file:data/image_points.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/delay_from_PL.txt size:206
INFO: file:data/xdc_def_positions.txt size:130
INFO: file:data/sampling_frequency.txt size:136
INFO: file:data/image_points.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/apodization_reference.txt size:156
INFO: file:data/apo_distance_k.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/F_number.txt size:188
INFO: file:data/P1.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/P2.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/P3.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/P4.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/P5.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/P6.txt size:32
INFO: Input memory0 virtual addr 0x0xffffac8bc000
INFO: Input memory1 virtual addr 0x0xffffac8bb000
INFO: Input memory2 virtual addr 0x0xffffac8ba000
INFO: Input memory3 virtual addr 0x0xffffac8b9000
INFO: Input memory4 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee67000
INFO: Input memory5 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee66000
INFO: Input memory6 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee65000
INFO: Input memory7 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee64000
INFO: Input memory8 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee63000
INFO: Input memory9 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee62000
INFO: Input memory10 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee61000
INFO: Input memory11 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee60000
INFO: Input memory12 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5f000
INFO: Input memory13 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5e000
INFO: Input memory14 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5d000
INFO: Input memory15 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5c000
INFO: Input memory16 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5b000
INFO: Input memory17 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee5a000
INFO: Input memory18 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee59000
INFO: Input memory19 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee58000
INFO: Input memory20 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee57000
INFO: Input memory21 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee56000
INFO: Input memory22 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee55000
INFO: Input memory23 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee54000
INFO: Input memory24 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee53000
INFO: Input memory25 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee52000
INFO: Input memory26 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee51000
INFO: Input memory27 virtual addr 0x0xffff8ee50000
INFO: Output memory0 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4f000
INFO: Output memory1 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4e000
INFO: Output memory2 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4d000
INFO: Output memory3 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4c000
INFO: Output memory4 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4b000
INFO: Output memory5 virtual addr 0x 0xffff8ee4a000
INFO: input kernel complete
INFO: output kernel complete
INFO: graph init
INFO: graph run
INFO: graph end
INFO: mm2s1 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s2 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s3 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s4 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s5 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s6 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s7 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s8 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s9 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s10 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s11 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s12 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s13 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s14 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s15 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s16 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s17 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s18 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s19 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s20 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s21 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s22 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s23 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s24 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s25 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s26 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s27 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s28 completed with status(4)
INFO: mm2s wait complete
INFO: s2mm1completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm2completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm3completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm4completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm5completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm6completed with status(4)
INFO: s2mm wait compete
INFO: file:data/golden/image_points.txt size:128
INFO: file:data/golden/delay_to_PL.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/golden/focusing_output.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/golden/samples_to_PL.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/golden/apodization.txt size:32
INFO: file:data/golden/C.txt size:128
INFO: data/golden/image_points.txt
INFO: data/golden/delay_to_PL.txt
INFO: data/golden/focusing_output.txt
INFO: data/golden/samples_to_PL.txt
INFO: data/golden/apodization.txt
INFO: data/golden/C.txt
INFO: Releasing remaining XRT objects...
INFO: Test Done, err_cnt:0
INFO: INFO: Embedded host run completed.
INFO: Total test time: 12.821966409683228
INFO: Power OFF complete.
INFO: Test passed!
INFO: Total time on board: 716.9993252754211