Kernel name: kfun_interpolation_wrapper - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

Spline interpolation.

  • Template params:
    • T: type of the operation;
    • LEN_OUT: number of outputdata per invoking;
    • LEN_IN: number of inputdata per invoking;
    • LEN_RF_IN: no use for now;
      • VECDIM: dimension of the SIMD to be performed. Addressed in the Xilinx UG1076, it depends on the type chosen;
      • INTERP_LEN32b_PARA: number of RTP data per invoking;
  • Function params:
    • para_const: kfun_interpolation_wrapper self-used structural parameter include sampling frequency, inverse speed of sound and so on. It’s definition could be seen in L1/include/kernel_interpolation.hpp.
    • p_vec_in: elements of resample and window vector.
      • p_inside_in: elements of input inside(bool) vector.
    • p_interpolation: elements of output bypassed inside(bool) vector.