kernel name: kfun_mult_pre - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English

This kernel is used to compute the final result. It multiply the results of apodization and the interpolation and pass the result to follow-up kfun_mult_cascade.

  • Template params:
    • T: type of the operation;
    • NUM_LINE_t: number of scanlines;
    • NUM_ELEMENT_t: number of transducer’s elements;
    • NUM_SAMPLE_t: number of time samples;
    • NUM_SEG_t: number of segments in one scanline;
    • NUM_DEP_SEG_t: number of data in one segment;
    • VECDIM_mult_t: dimension of the SIMD to be performed. Addressed in the Xilinx UG1076, it depends on the type chosen;
    • LEN_IN_mult_t: number of inputdata per invoking;
    • LEN_OUT_mult_t: number of outputdata per invoking;
    • LEN32b_PARA_mult_t: number of inputdata per invoking;
    • MULT_ID_t: default ID of mult kernel;
  • kernel Inputs:
    • para_const: kernel_mult’s kernel kfun_mult_0 self-used structural parameter include iter_line, iter_element to record the number of lines processed;
    • in_interp: Results of interpolation.
    • in_apod: Results of apodization.
  • kernel Outputs:
    • p_out_cascade: Output to next mult kernel;