Column Vector Buffering and Distribution Implementation - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English

This page provides the column vector buffering and distribution implementation details. The following figure shows the column vector buffering and distribution logic.

cscRow Diagram
  • The input parameter streams contain the information of the size of each column vector block, the minimum and maximum column vector entry indices.
  • The dispColVec module reads the parameters and multiple column vector enties, buffers the column entires in its own on-chip memory and forward the rest parameters and vector entires to the next disColVec module. If the module is the last one in the chain, the forwarding logic is omitted.
  • After the buffereing operation, each dispColVec module reads out the data from the on-chip memory and sends them to the output stream to be processed by its own computation path.
  • Apart from buffering and reading data operations, the dispColVec module also aligns the data and pads the data according to SPARSE_parEntries and the minimumn and maximum row indices.