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2023.2 English

The following table summarizes that how the key factors which from the configuration class influence resource utilization, function throughput (initiation interval), and function latency. The values of Low, Medium, and High are relative to the other key factors.

Table 193 SVD Key Factor Summary
Key Factor Value Resources Throughput Latency
Iterations (NUM_SWEEP) <10 N/A High Low
Off-diagonal loop pipelining (OFF_DIAG_II) 4 High High Low
>4 Low Low High
Diagonal loop pipeling (DIAG_II) 1 High High Low
>1 Low Low High


  • Iterations: The SVD function uses the iterative two-sided Jacobi method. The default number of iterations is 10.
  • Off-diagonal loop pipelining: the minimum achievable initiation interval (II) is 4, which satisfies the S, U, and V array requirement of four writes every iteration of the off-diagonal loop.
  • Diagonal loop pipelining: value >1, enables Vivado HLS to resource share