process - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
void process (
    ap_uint <N> message,
    ap_uint <N>& result

Encrypt message and get result. It does not include any padding scheme.


message Message to be encrypted/decrypted
result Generated encrypted/decrypted result.
#include "dsa.hpp"

Digital Signature. This class provide signing and verifying functions. Generation of domain parameters, key pairs and per-message secrect number requires key management mechanism and is not covered in this class.


L bit length of prime modulus.
N bit length of prime divisor. Selection of L and N is fixed in FIPS.186-4, section 4.2. Choice of pair {L, N} are: {1024, 160}, {2048, 224}, {2048, 256}, {3072, 256}
H bit length of Digest value
template <
    int L,
    int N,
    int H
class dsa

// fields

ap_uint <L> p
ap_uint <N> q
ap_uint <L> g
ap_uint <N> x
ap_uint <L> y
ap_uint <L> rMod