Global Minimum Variance Portfolio - 2023.2 English

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2023.2 English

The Global Minimum Variance Portfolio is the asset weight distribution that minimizes the variance (risk) of the overall portfolio. It can be calculated as: \(\boldsymbol{A_mz_m = b}\)

Where \(A_m\) is \(= \begin{bmatrix} 2\boldsymbol{\Sigma} & \boldsymbol{1} \\ \boldsymbol{1^t} & 0\end{bmatrix}\)

\(\boldsymbol{\Sigma}\) is the covariance matrix, \(\boldsymbol{1}\) is an all one’s vector and \(\boldsymbol{1^t}\) its transpose.

\(\boldsymbol{z_m}\) is the asset weights (plus a Lagrange Multiplier).

\(\boldsymbol{b}\) is a zero vector with the last entry a one.

This equation is solved for \(\boldsymbol{z_m}\) using LU decomposition and back substitution.

Expected Portfolio Return is calculated as: \(\boldsymbol{W^t.\mu}\)

Where \(\boldsymbol{W^t}\) is the transpose of the GMVP weights vector and \(\boldsymbol{\mu}\) is the asset mean returns vector.

Portfolio Variance is calculated as \(\boldsymbol{W^t.\Sigma.W}\)