trsvCore - 2023.2 English

Vitis Libraries

Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "xf_fintech/trsv.hpp"
template <
    class T,
    unsigned int N,
    unsigned int logN,
    unsigned int NCU
void trsvCore (
    T inlow [N],
    T indiag [N],
    T inup [N],
    T inrhs [N]

Tridiagonal linear solver It solves tridiagonal linear system of equations by eliminating upper and lower diagonals To get result (U) divide each element of inrhs by coresponding element of main diagonal indiag .


T data type
N matrix size
logN log2(N)(TOREMOVE)
NCU number of compute units
inlow lower diagonal
indiag diagonal
inup upper diagonal
inrhs right-hand side