pentadiagCr - 2023.2 English

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Release Date
2023.2 English
#include "xf_fintech/pentadiag_cr.hpp"
template <
    typename T,
    unsigned int P_SIZE,
    unsigned int logN
void pentadiagCr (
    T a [P_SIZE],
    T b [P_SIZE],
    T c [P_SIZE],
    T d [P_SIZE],
    T e [P_SIZE],
    T v [P_SIZE],
    T u [P_SIZE]

Solves for u in linear system Pu = r

It calls function pentadiag_step for each step until all diagonals instead of main are zeros (or very close to zero). Result U is made by dividing Each of elements of right hand vactor ( v ) by main diagonal ( c )

Structure of input matrix:

c d e 0 0 |
b c d e 0 |
a b c d e |
0 a b c d |
0 0 a b c |.


T data type used in whole function (double by default)
P_SIZE Size of the operating matrix
logN Number of steps for algorithm
c Main diagonal
b First lower
a Second lower
d First upper
e Second upper
v Right hand side vector of length n
u Vectors of unknows to solve for